Theology¬†literally means “words about God.” It also known as the study of God. If we want to know God better, we have to read the Bible and think through what it teaches on various subjects: God, humans, knowledge, sin, salvation, the church, and what happens at the end of human history.¬†There are many other excellent resources on the Internet to help us understand the Christian faith.

Theopedia is a tremendous resource. It is an online encylopedia of biblical Christianity. It contains many links to resources such as articles, lectures, and sermons, grouped together by various theological subjects.

Biblical Training is another great resource. There, you can listen to course lectures from leading seminary professors. The subjects range from Old Testament and New Testament introductions to Systematic Theology to Hebrew and Greek. Users must create an account to download any (or all) of the lectures for free.

To learn more about theology, you can also read the books recommended on the Recommended Reading page.