Miscellaneous Sermons

The following are stand-alone sermons, ones that don’t belong to a larger sermon series. They’re still important messages, so they’re available here.

To listen to the sermon, click on the title next to the date. To read the manuscript that Pastor Brian prepared for the sermon, click on the title next to “manuscript.”

January 29, 2017: “Seeking the Kingdom” (Matthew 6:25-34)

This sermon was presented by Rev. Ron Bridge.

March 27, 2016 (Easter): “Why Are You Troubled?” (Luke 24)
Manuscript: Why Are You Troubled 3.27.16

August 9, 2015: “Defending Life: An Argument against Abortion”
Manuscript: Defending Life 8.9.15

June 7, 2015: “Membership Matters”
Manuscript: Membership Matters 6.7.15