What Is the Story of the Bible?


The Bible is the best-selling book of all time. It’s the most influential book ever written. The Bible has influenced philosophies, legal systems, governments, art, literature, music, and movies. Whether we realize it or not, a number of things we value, such as human rights, are based on the Bible’s teachings. It has helped form and shape the lives of many people throughout the ages. It’s a book that every educated person should be familiar with.

But the Bible is a long book. It’s complicated. It was written in different languages, in different times, and in different places. It’s hard to make sense of it all.

In order to help you understand the story of the Bible, Pastor Brian preached a series of sermons called “What Is the Story of the Bible?” The series began on September 27, 2015 and ended on February 7, 2016. Each week, we looked at an important part of the story of the Bible. The goal is to show how the Bible tells one story, and how this story affects all of us. The big story of the Bible makes sense of the little stories of our lives.

September 27, 2015: A Theater for His Glory 
Manuscript: A Theater for His Glory 9.27.15

October 4: Image Bearers
Manuscript: Image Bearers 10.4.15

October 11: The Fall
Manuscript: The Fall 10.11.15

October 18: East of Eden (Due to technical issues, the audio recording is not available)
Manuscript: East of Eden 10.18.15

October 25: Father Abraham
Manuscript: Father Abraham 10.25.15

November 1: Slavery and Deliverance
Manuscript: Slavery and Deliverance 11.1.15

November 8: Tablets of Stone
Manuscript: Tablets of Stone 11.8.15

November 15: Dwelling Place
Manuscript: Dwelling Place 11.15.15

November 22: Promised Land
Manuscript: Promised Land 11.22.15

November 29: Kings
Manuscript: Kings 11.29.15

December 6: Idolatry
Manuscript: Idolatry 12.6.15

December 13: Hope
Manuscript: Hope 12.13.15

December 20: God with Us
Manuscript: God with Us 12.20.15

December 24: Worship the King
Manuscript: Worship the King 12.24.15

December 27: The King Has Come
Manuscript: The King Has Come 12.27.15

January 10, 2016: The Cross
Manuscript: The Cross 1.10.16

January 17: Resurrection
Manuscript: Resurrection 1.17.16

January 24: Strangers and Exiles
Manuscript: Strangers and Exiles 1.24.16

January 31: The Returning King
Manuscript: The Returning King 1.31.16

February 7: A Whole New World
Manuscript: A Whole New World 2.7.16