Conversations with Jesus

For a few weeks, we will take a look at how and what Jesus said to various people he encountered.

MP3 recordings of these messages will be available to listen to or download. Just click on the title next to the date. Pastor Brian also makes the manuscripts that he prepares available. (These aren’t transcripts, so there will be some differences between the manuscripts and what he actually preaches.) Just click on the title next to “manuscript.” You can also listen to sermons presented at WBCC by subscribing to our podcast channel. Just search for “West Bridgewater Community Church” on your favorite podcasting app.

January 1, 2017: “Can Anything Good Come out of Nazareth?”
(John 1:43–51)
Manuscript: Can Anything Good Come out of Nazareth? 1.1.17

January 15, 2017: “Born Again” (John 3:1–21)
Manuscript: Born Again 1.15.17

January 22, 2017: “Living Waters” (John 4:1–42)
Manuscript: Living Waters 1.22.17

February 5, 2017: “Love Your Neighbor” (Luke 10:25–37)
Manuscript: Love Your Neighbor 2.5.17