Ruth: From Famine to Fullness


Ruth is a beautiful, small book found in the Old Testament. It tells the story of how God brings two women, Naomi and Ruth, from famine to fullness. It also tells us about the ancestors of King David. Many powerful themes of the Bible are found in Ruth, such as loss, death, redemption, and restoration. By showing how God brings goodness to ordinary people in hard situations, it tells us about God’s kindness to his people. And by telling us about the extraordinary birth of King David’s grandfather, it foreshadows the birth of the true King, the Son of David, Jesus.

Sermon recordings will appear in MP3 format, and the manuscripts Pastor Brian Watson prepares will appear in PDF format. You can also listen to sermons through your favorite podcasting app.

December 4, 2016: “From Fullness to Emptiness” (Ruth 1)
Manuscript: From Fullness to Emptiness 12.4.16

December 11, 2016: “Favor, Providence, and Kindness” (Ruth 2)
Manuscript: Favor, Providence, and Kindness 12.11.16

December 18, 2016: “Redemption” (Ruth 3)
Manuscript: Redemption 12.18.16

December 25, 2016: “Restorer of Life” (Ruth 4)
Manuscript: Restorer of Life 12.25.16