Who Is Jesus?

Who is Jesus? This may be the most important question anyone can ask. This sermon series began on December 14, 2014 and ended on May 31, 2015. Each week, a different aspect of Jesus’ life was examined. 


To listen to a sermon, click on the link next to the date. To read the sermon, or additional information related to the sermon, click on the link(s) next to “Manuscript” and/or “Additional Information.”

December 14: 2014: How Can We Know Jesus?
Manuscript: How Can We Know Jesus 12.14.14
Additional information: How Can We Know Jesus – Addenda – 12.14.14

December 21: Jesus Was Born of a Virgin
Manuscript: Jesus Was Born of a Virgin 12.21.14
Additional information: Jesus Was Born of a Virgin – Addenda – 12.21.14

December 24: Jesus’ Birth Was Celebrated

January 4, 2015: Jesus Was a Man
Manuscript: Jesus Was a Man 1.4.15

January 11: Jesus Was Tempted, But Didn’t Sin
Manuscript: Jesus Was Tempted But Didn’t Sin 1.11.15

January 18: Jesus Was a Preacher
Manuscript: Jesus Was a Preacher 1.18.15

January 25: Jesus Exposed Sin
Manuscript: Jesus Exposed Sin 1.25.15

February 1: Jesus Performed Miracles
Manuscript: Jesus Performed Miracles 2.1.15

February 8: Jesus Was a Divisive Figure
Manuscript: Jesus Was a Divisive Figure 2.8.15

February 22: Jesus Was Gracious and Compassionate
Manuscript: Jesus Was Gracious and Compassionate 2.22.15

March 1: Jesus Believed the Old Testament Is the Word of God
Manuscript: Jesus Believed the Old Testament Is the Word of God 3.1.15

March 8: Jesus Demands Total Commitment
Manuscript: Jesus Demands Total Commitment 3.8.15

March 15: Jesus Taught about the Future
Manuscript: Jesus Taught about the Future 3.15.15

March 22: Jesus Taught about Hell
Manuscript: Jesus Taught about Hell 3.22.15
Additional Thoughts on Hell: Jesus Taught about Hell – Addenda – 3.22.15

March 29: Jesus Is God
Manuscript: Jesus Is God 3.29.15

April 3: Jesus Died
Manuscript: Jesus Died 4.3.15

April 5:  Jesus Rose from the Grave
Manuscript: Jesus Rose from the Grave 4.5.15

April 12: Jesus Ascended into Heaven
 Jesus Ascended to Heaven 4.12.15

April 19: Jesus Is Our Great High Priest
Manuscript: Jesus Is Our Great High Priest 4.19.15

April 26: Jesus Poured Out the Holy Spirit
Manuscript: Jesus Poured Out the Holy Spirit 4.26.15

May 3: Jesus Will Come Again
Manuscript: Jesus Will Come Again 5.3.15

May 17: Jesus and Money
Manuscript: Jesus and Money 5.17.15

May 24: Jesus and Sex
Manuscript: Jesus and Sex 5.24.15

May 31: Jesus and Politics
Manuscript: Jesus and Politics 5.31.15