The following sermons are resources that can help you understand what happened when Jesus died on the cross, why it happened, and what it means for us.

Sermon recordings are in MP3 format and can be listened to or downloaded by clicking on the sermon title next to the date. Manuscripts are in PDF format and can be read or downloaded by clicking on the title next to “Manuscript.”

March 29, 2024: “The Cross” (Steve Semas)

March 30, 2018: “Behold Your King!” (John 18-19)
Manuscript: Behold Your King 3.30.18

March 25, 2016: The Death of Jesus
Manuscript: The Death of Jesus 3.25.16

January 10, 2016: The Cross
Manuscript: The Cross 1.10.16

April 3, 2015: Jesus Died
Manuscript: Jesus Died 4.3.15