Join us for a brief sermon series on the book of Jude. This book of the New Testament teaches us to contend for the faith ones delivered to the saints, to be wary of false teachers, and to continue in the faith through mutual upbuilding and prayer.

The schedule of sermons appears below. After the sermon is preached, click on the title to listen to or download the sermon audio file. You can also listen to sermons on your favorite podcasting app. Just search for “West Bridgewater Community Church” and subscribe.

For more information on this book of the Bible, watch the Bible Project’s overview video of Jude, which appears below.

November 27, 2022: “The Faith That Was Once for All Delivered to the Saints” (Jude 1–4)

December 4, 2022: “Judgment” (Jude 5–16)

December 11, 2022: “Have Mercy” (Jude 17–25)