Following Jesus

(Or, Stuff Christians Do.)


We’re taking some time to talk about what Christians do, particularly in the life of the church. When we follow Jesus, we get involved in a local church, we serve, we get baptized, we give, we sing, we pray, we are subject to the discipline of the local church, and we take the Lord’s Supper.

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September 18, 2016: “Striving Side by Side”
Manuscript: Striving Side by Side 9.18.16

October 2, 2016: “On Baptism”
Manuscript: On Baptism 10.2.16

October 9, 2016: “On Giving”
Manuscript: On Giving 10.9.16

October 16, 2016: “On Discipline”
Manuscript: On Discipline 10.16.16

October 23, 2016: “On Music”
Manuscript: On Music 10.23.16

October 30, 2016: “On Preaching”
Manuscript: On Preaching 10.30.16

November 6, 2016: “The Lord’s Supper”
Manuscript: The Lord’s Supper 11.6.16

November 13, 2016: “One Another”
Manuscript: One Another 11.13.16

November 20, 2016: “Thanksgiving”
Manuscript: Thanksgiving 11.20.16

November 27, 2016: “Evangelism”
Manuscript: Evangelism 11.27.16