This years marks the 500th anniversary of the event that (symbolically, at least) began the Protestant Reformation. Pastor Brian Watson will preach a sermon on each of the five major principles of the Reformation. Sermon recordings are in MP3 format and can be listened to by clicking on the titles next to the dates. The typescript (what Brian writes in advance, though he doesn’t read it verbatim) of each sermon can be read by clicking on the title next to “Manuscript.” You can also listen to these sermons by subscribing to our podcast channel. Search for the church name in any podcasting app and you should find us.

September 3, 2017: Scripture Alone (Sola Scriptura)
Manuscript: Scripture Alone 9.3.17

September 17, 2017: Grace Alone (Sola Gratia)
Manuscript: Grace Alone 9.17.17

November 12, 2017: Faith Alone (Sola Fide)
Manuscript: Faith Alone 11.12.17

November 19, 2017: Christ Alone (Solus Christus)
Manuscript: Christ Alone 11.19.17

November 26, 2017: To God Alone Be the Glory (Soli Deo Gloria)
Manuscript: To God Alone Be the Glory 11.26.17