Other Resources

In addition to offering our own resources on the Media page, we want to point you in the direction of some other valuable resources.

Since reading the Bible is so important, we list a number of Bible reading plans and Bible reading websites and apps on the Bible reading page.

Christians┬áhave to move beyond simply reading the Bible to thinking theologically. On the Theology page, you’ll find some resources to help you learn more.

The only reason that someone should believe in Christianity is because it’s true. How do we know Christianity is true? How do we persuade others that it is? Visit the Reasons to Believe page to learn┬ámore.

If you really want to learn more about the Bible, theology, and apologetics (the defense of the faith, or reasons to believe), you have to read. On the Recommended Reading page you can find a list of books that can help you learn more about these subjects, as well as how to live out the Christian life.